We (Seppi, Alex, Herwig, und Matthias) are an Austrian company with headquarters situated in beautiful Carinthia and sell various materials that are perfectly matched for engraving and cutting with a laser or a mechanical engraving machine.

Engraving materials are not new territory for us, due to the fact that all of us have several years of experience in the field of engraving and material usage for this. However, since we were often dissatisfied with the quality of various materials despite high prices, we decided to establish our own company to ensure the need for consistently high quality. We only offer materials which we have tested ourselves and are convinced of, therefore our assortment is constantly extended.

Consistency, high quality, good prices and regionality is close to our heart.

That's why it is important for us to source our materials as direct as possible from the European region.

If you would like to know more or have any further question please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

We are looking forward to your inquiry and hope that you will enjoy our products as much as we do!

Herwig Egger (Carpentry)

Josef Sorger (Sawmill)

Matthias Egger (Shipping/Packaging)

Alexandra Höller (Marketing)


unsere Partner

Mr Beam

The desktop laser cutter for everyone! The special feature of the Mr Beam is the laser class 1. Due to the laser class 1, no laser protection officer is necessary and the laser, together with the safety precautions and the Air Filter II system, meets all requirements for indoor operation. By the way, the software of the Mr Beam is directly on the device and makes it possible to use the Mr Beam even without an active internet connection. This is very helpful, especially at fairs, markets or even in schools. The updates are of course free of charge and provide users with new features and improvements on a regular basis. All that is needed is a PC/laptop - the operating system does not matter, as the software is browser-based. For engraving materials, a jpg or png file is sufficient. If you want to cut a file with Mr Beam, it must be loaded into the software as a vector graphic.

Which materials can actually be cut particularly well with the Mr Beam? There are a few, such as:

Laser-capable plywood, solid wood, Finn cardboard, Kraftplex, paper, cardboard, precious wood stickers, sign material, felt, foam rubber, polypropylene, foam, jersey fabrics, latex and of course leather and snappap. Even acrylic can be cut with the Mr Beam, but it depends on the color because of the wavelength of the laser. Orange and black acrylic can be processed very well. Of course, the materials mentioned can also be engraved with the Mr Beam. By the way, the maximum object height is 3.8 cm - so wooden slices, slates and even mirrors can be engraved as the mood takes you. Thick bamboo boards, wooden signs and leather bags are also very popular engraving objects.

On Instagram, interested parties can find thousands of posts from Mr Beam users under the hashtag #madewithmrbeam. There is also an exclusive user group on Facebook and a huge knowledge base on the website! So get inspired and become part of the Mr Beam community!

Jessica Wagner (Head of Marketing)

"We at Mr Beam Lasers have enjoyed working with encuma from the very beginning. The quality of the wood is unbeatable and ideally suited for processing with the Mr Beam Lasercutter. We also find the service and communication with encuma excellent and therefore also offer their products to our customers with a clear conscience. We look forward to further cooperation!"

Find out more about Mr Beam Lasers at mr-beam.org

Phils Laserei

My name is Philipp Waldl and I come from the municipality of Gschwandt, in the district of Gmunden, Austria. My passion for wood has always been very great, which is reflected in my training as a carpenter . After some time, the interest in laser engraving was added and with the purchase of a laser, this could also be deepened in practice. My experience in both areas grew enormously in recent years. Meanwhile I design and produce personalized gifts, signs, promotional gifts and much more.

I am happy to say that the countless hours of testing and tinkering are paying off, because I can already be proud of many exciting projects and numerous satisfied customers.

Find out mor at keramikhaus-gmunden.at/phils-laserei

"I have been working with encuma since 2023 and not only get to test their new materials, but also the existing range on a regular basis. The cooperation and exchange works very well."